Road Legal

The ZTR 250cc Roadster is road legal in europe

The ZTR 250cc Roadster is road legal in europe. The Reverse Trike comes with the mandatory EEC / COC documents.

EEC – Europe Economic Community (read more)

COC – Certificate of Conformity (read more)

This means by european regularities you can register the ZTR in every country part of the european economic community without further documents needed. Depending on your country you may also need custom clearance papers, which our distributor in your country should deliver to you.

Ask your local distributor about handling the registration process for you.

Please consider asking your local authorities for any additional documents or informations needed before ordering your ZTR – when in doubt reach out to a local distributor and ask them for further information.

Because of different laws in european countries we cannot guaranty a smooth registration process but concerning common european regularities the ZTR 250cc Roadster comes with all necessary documents.

Other Countries / Outside European Union

Unfortunately we do not know all regularities all over the world – please ask your local authorities or find a local distributor to do the paperwork for you.