3 Wheeler

The best from both worlds

3 Wheeler

The ZTR is designed as a 3 Wheeler vehicle (or a reverse trike if you like) because it has two wheels at the front and just one at the rear. The concept aims to be the most fun, economic and sporty vehicle you can imagine in that combination.

What will you get if you mix a regular Roadster Road Car with a Motorcicly? It’s a 3-Wheeler! Also known as a Reverse Trike, because of the fact, that it has 2 wheels at the front and just on big wheel at the back. That way you can have a very lightweight vehicle with the pure driving feeling of a motorcycle but naturally stable by having 3 wheels! The concept of the ZTR – as a Reverse Trike – is meant for pure driving pleasure with the benefits of cars and motorcycles.

This vehicle is really lots of fun – in the end we all aim for fun and that’s why we decided to bring the ZTR to the Canary Islands as well


CEO, ZTR Canarias

Fuel Tank Capacity: 10l

Ground Clearance: 100mm

VMax: 120 km/h

Front Hanging: Double Swingarm

Rear Hanging: Integral

Front Wheels: 185/30-R14

Rear Wheel: 295/30-R14 Brake Type: Disc

Wheelbase: 1450mm

Seat Height: 17mm

Weight (dry): 250kg

Load Capacity: 225kg

Climbing Rate: >20%

  • Fun 100%
  • Fuel Comsumption 20%
  • Wheels 66%

Why 3 Wheelers are fun

3-Wheelers are actually a mix between car and motorcycle Dynamics. You got the lightweight feeling of a motorcycle and the stability of a car. Because the vehicle can be built very small you got an almoast gokart-alike Feeling to drive which is pure fun!

How 3-Wheelers drive

Driving a 3-Wheeler is not much different than driving a regular car. The only difference is the very direct reaction of the vehicle and the sequentiell-style shifting of the motorcycle gearbox. Beside that you can just hop in the ZTR and consume hours of fun without spending all your Money on fuel.